2001 AP Psychology Free-Response Questions

Directions: You have 50 minutes to answer BOTH of the following questions.  It is not enough to answer the question by merely listing facts.  You should present a cogent argument based on your critical analysis of the questions posed, using appropriate psychological terminology.

  1. a. Discuss the cause of anxiety from each of the following perspectives.

-         Behavioral

-         Psychoanalytic/psychodynamic

-         Biological

-         Cognitive

b. Discuss a specific treatment technique for reducing anxiety used by professionals representing each of the four perspectives.


  1. Describe the psychological concept of expectancy or set.  Discuss a specific example of how expectancy or set affects each of the following.

-         Human perception

-         The effects of a psychological drug on a human

-         A studentís performance in the classroom

-         Human problem solving

-         Memory