Instructor: Heath Kaplan

Course Objectives: 

There are two objectives for this course.    

Required Texts:

The only required text is the "Trippy Text" found on the AP Psychology Commune (  The online text, along with the "Fight the Power" Points and other interactive activities will provide more than enough information for you to absorb this year.  For those of you who may lack internet access at home, or feel more comfortable with a text, I will provide a hard copy of the "Trippy Text" or some of the following available materials (don't feel like you cannot ask for them).

My Expectations (Class Rules):

Pay attention because this is very important.  We will be discussing sensitive and controversial topics throughout the year and I am sure we will hear a wide array of opinions.  YOU WILL BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHER'S OPINIONS!!!  Your emotional safety and well being is my primary concern as a teacher and I will take drastic steps if I think someone's is at risk!!!  

Beyond that you should: