1. Discuss hypnosis, noting the behavior of hypnotized people.

  2. Discuss claims regarding the uses of hypnosis.

  3. Discuss the controversy over whether hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness.


Hypnosis: a social interaction in which one person (the hypnotist) suggests to another (the subject) that certain perceptions, feelings, thoughts, or behaviors will spontaneously occur.

Posthypnotic amnesia: supposed inability to recall what one experienced during hypnosis; induced by the hypnotistís suggestion.

Posthypnotic suggestion: a suggestion, made during a hypnosis session, to be carried out after the subject is no longer hypnotized; used by some clinicians to help control undesired symptoms and behaviors.

Dissociation:  a split in consciousness, which allows some thoughts and behaviors to occur simultaneously with others.

Hidden Observer: Hilgardís term describing a hypnotized subjectís awareness of experiences, such as pain, that go unreported during hypnosis.