The Life List of

Rana Abihabib


pass my road test
drive across the US with my friends
go on a shopping spree in NYC
go shopping in Beverly Hills
do something crazy, without thinking about it
Stay really close with my whole family
Keep my friendships
Graduate College
win the lotto
with the lotto money I won donate a million to each charity
get married by 24
have girls and boys
have twins
have grand-children
be alive to celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary
go to Italy & Greece
travel around the world
buy a house South of France
buy a house in Tuscany
Live in Laguna Beach, California
meet the entire cast of FRIENDS
meet the cast of Laguna Beach
get a 1370 or better on my SAT
go to an excellent/one of the best college
have fun in college and at the same time be smart
go clubbing with the Gottis
go on tour with Jessica & Ashlee Simpson, Fall Out Boy, Eminem, Ryan Cabrera
meet & date Channing Tatum (even though hes 25)
date someone of a different race
go shopping & party with Mary-Kate and Ashley
go back in time
go to California with Christie (we talk about it 24/7)
go to a party hosted by celebrities
make love on the beach
dance on tables in a bar
go into a real haunted house
create a cure for cancer
be in the dug-out with the Yankee team during their World Series
be on the field with the Brazil team during their World Cup
Date a celebrity
Design clothes to be part of a runway show
See an end to the war in Iraq
Be happy all of my life