The Life List of

Isabel Arguelles


        Join the USA Equestrian team

        Win a National Horse Show

        Own my own stable

        Buy and train my own horse

        Become a veterinarian

        Own a yacht on the Mediterranean Sea

        Take a horseback riding tour around Europe

        Date a cute British/Irish boy with green/blue eyes and cute accent

        Find and marry my soul mate

        Own a summer home in Italy

        Own a Ferrari and drive it in Italy

        Become a professional SuperSmash Brothers Video game player

        Beat the new Zelda game

        Have 2 kids (one boy and one girl)

        Date a rock musician

        Act in a movie/tv show

        Learn how to skateboard/snowboard/surf

        Chill and hook up with Prince William

        Model for a major designer

        Design and wear my own clothes

        Have my drawings in a museum

        Play the French Horn of a movie sound track

        Run in the Rain Forest

        Ride across the Sahara Desert on a camel

        Pretend to be a celebrity

        Have a HUGE wedding

        Travel all around the world

        Become famous

        Join some sort of comedy show

        Graduate from College

        Illustrate a book cover

        Give my parents a trip around the world

        Find my sisters two worthwhile and cute boyfriends