The Life List of

Nick DelVino

  • Become rich enough that my parents can live happily off of me
  • Get accepted to an Ivy League school
  • Get a scholarship to an above average/pretty good school
  • High School class rank of top 25
  • Visit:
    • Pretty much all of Italy
    • Some parts of other European countries
    • Far east
    • Exotic Islands (Hawaii, Bahamas, Jamaica…etc)
    • Big or interesting cities (Miami, LA/Hollywood, Seattle, Wash. D.C., wherever in Texas, St. Louis…anything else I forgot)
    • As many sports arenas as possible (baseball, football, basketball)
  • Attend at least one Super Bowl
  • Attend at least one World Series
  • Get married with children (anything less than 5 I guess)
  • See my grandchildren live to at least high school
  • Be able to bench press 250 pounds with ease
  • Bowl 550 in three games before high school ends
  • Bowl 700 in three games in my life
  • Be able to dunk basketball on regulation hoop

·        Party in college but manage to get at least a 3.5 GPA