The Life List of

Philip DiLemme


        Receive Giants season tickets for Life.

        Receive Yankees season tickets for life.

        Meet Alex Rodriguez.

        Meet Derek Jeter.

        Travel to all 50 states of the United States.

        Travel to every continent.

        Go to every baseball stadium in the US.

        Go to every football stadium in the US.

        Go to every basketball stadium in the US.

        Buy my own Yacht.

        Swim with sharks.

        Go in a submarine.

        Get married and two kids, a boy and a girl. 

        Buy a house in NY.

        Make my first million dollars.

        Graduate from the college that I like.

        Buy a house in Miami.

        Attend every Giants game of one season (including away games).

        Buy a Bentley.

        Go to a NBA all star game.

        Go the NFL Pro Bowl.

        Meet 50 Cent.

        Meet Eminem.

        Fly in a Helicopter.

        Go to a NY Giants Super Bowl.

        Not sleep for one whole day.

        Eat McDonalds 5 days in a row.

        Read every Harry Potter book.

        Have dinner with Allen Iverson.

        Play in the World Series of Poker.

        Gamble in Las Vegas.

        Go skiing.

        Buy a dog.

        Ride a Motorcycle.

        Ride on a snowmobile.

        Throw the first pitch at a Yankee Game.

        Sit in the first row at the 76ers game.

        Sit in first class while I fly.

        Go camping with my friends.

        Become a grandfather.

        Go to a Yankee vs. Red Sox game at Fennway Park and sit on top of the green monster.

        Go to the top of the Empire State Building.

        Go into the White House and tour Washington D.C.

        Go onto the field at Giants Stadium.

        Go surfing in the ocean.