The Life List of

Jimmy Falasca


         Go to a Manchester United Game and root for the other team

         Participate in the Running of the Bulls

         Go to Mars

         Swim across the Atlantic Ocean

         Lick my Elbow

         Have my picture on the Wheaties Box

         Pin Hulk Hogan

         Beat Tiger Woods in Golf blindfolded.

         Have a penguin as a pet

         Hunt Osama Bin Ladin

         Win the Met-Rx Strongman competition

         Go on jeopardy and never get a wrong answer ever

         Find Jimmy Hoffa

         Become the Pope

         Beat Lance Armstrong in the Tour De France on a unicycle

         Make more money than Bill Gates

         Get knighted by the Queen of England

         Learn how to fly an airplane

         Learn how to speak Spanish effectively

         Climb Mount Everest with no oxygen tanks

         Dig to China

         Win a Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Championship, and the Stanley Cup all in the same year.

         Prove Serena Williams is a man

         Pray with the Buddhist Monks

         Win the Lotto

         Graduate from Harvard

         Challenge John Travolta to a Dance off

         Become a ping pong champion

         Win the World Series of poker 5 straight years, and then retire.

         Have a rap battle with Jay-Z