The Life List of

Samantha Friedwald


Places to Visit:

        Visit Europe- Greece, Italy, England, France, Germany, Sweden, Prague, Switzerland

        Visit Russia

        Visit Japan (and the Cup-o-Soup/ Ramen noodle museum)

        Go to Disney World again (with my sister who has never gone)

        Visit New Zealand

        Visit Australia

        Visit the first Starbucks in Seattle

        Visit Hawaii

        Visit Antarctica


Things to Do:

        Eat an entire cake

        Enter an eating contest

        Climb a tree

        Get driverís license

        Go to college of my choice

        Drive a tractor

        Eat an entire pizza

        Learn German and Russian

        Drive a monster truck

        Walk or skate on a frozen pond

        Hold a Koala bear

        Play golf with pros

        Start a protest

        Write a column for a big newspaper or magazine

        Get a coconut from the actual tree

        Go to the moon

        Have a pet chicken or pig

        Hang out with a real Eskimo

        Never owe anyone anything and to pay back everyone I owe money to