The Life List of

Mike Goldstein


     Go to college

     Be a vet and open a successful veterinary hospital

     Get married

     Have 5 kids and 2 being a set of twins

     Go on a cruise to the Caribbean

     Be able to own more then one dog

     Go scuba diving in the ocean

     Go swimming with dolphins and teach them tricks

     Be able to live in the city for part of my life

     Go on a trip to Australia

     Learn to drive a boat and own a boat

     Go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower

     One day run across a professional football field

     Play my guitar in a concert with a band

     Be able to play tenor sax professionally

     Learn to speak another language fluently

     Learn to surf and also wakeboard

     Be able to live until the age of 100

     Be able to snowboard and do tricks

     Be able to stay in Las Vegas for at least a week

     Get my license

     Be able to go skydiving off a plane

     Someday have a really nice sports car

     Be able to own an inside pool

     Have my bathtub be a Jacuzzi

     Some how be able to knock George Bush in the face

     Be able to meet many famous actors

     Own a room with all windows

     Invent something helpful to the environment

     Get a 5 on one of my AP

     Be able to get above 700 on every part of my SAT

     Graduate College