The Life List of

Elizabeth Hoffberg



Educational Goals:

        Get a 5 on the AP Calculus Exam

        Get a 5 on the AP Psychology Exam

        Get into Harvard

        Be in the top 10 of the class

        Get a Ph. D

        Get a scholarship into college

        Study abroad

Worldly Goals (Places I want to go/see):

        Visit every continent

        Go camping in the real wilderness

        Visit Hawaii

        Visit many islands in the South Pacific

        Vacation in every state

        Visit Mount Rushmore

        Go scuba diving in Hawaii

        Go scuba diving in Australia

        Go to Russia

        Go on a cruise (again) in the Galapagos

        Canoe down the Amazon River

        Take Amtrak from Maine to Florida  (and back)

        Go to India

        See the Taj Mahal

        See the Great Wall

        See the Western Wall

        Go to Haifa

        Go to Jerusalem

        Swim in the Dead Sea

        Drive across the country

        Go on a road trip

Personal Goals:

        Own my own house

        Move out of New York

        Run my own business

        Get married

        Have children

        Own a boat

        Graduate with a school record for race walking

        Join a Hillel

        Start an organization

        Live to the age of 90

        Live in a third world country for at least a year

        Live without electricity for a month

        Ride in a limo to a premier

        Read Don Quixote in Spanish

        Do birthright to Israel

        Learn a non-romantic language

        Learn a language with a different alphabet

        Own a ball gown dress (and use it)

        Go paintballing

        Ride a roller coaster without a harness

        Ride all of the major roller coasters in the US

        Ride an old wooden roller coaster in Europe


        See the march of the penguins

        Own at least 10 pets at once

        Own a monkey

        Own a turtle

        Own a large snake

        Own a chinchilla

        Breed lab mice

        Ride an elephant in India

        Ride an elephant in Africa

        Ride a llama