The Life List of

Ali Horowitz


Graduate high school
Go to the college of my choice
Get my MBA
Marry the person I love and have a loving and caring family.
Have two or three children, one of which must be a boy
Travel Europe
Go to Australia
Go to Israel
Spend a week or two with a family in Africa.
Learn to play the bongos
Learn to scuba dive
Improve my water-skiing and surfing
Bungee jump off a bridge, over a body of water
Buy my camp and become the director
Do some sort of financial work, maybe go into my Grandpa's family business
Become successful at whatever I end up doing
Make a difference in the world
Live in NYC
Live in a nice house
Own a summer house in a warm part of the country (Florida, California)
Own a pet monkey or penguin
Meet Denzel Washington
Meet the Olsen Twins
Drive a convertible
Fly a plane
Eat completely healthy for one month
Play first doubles again on the Varsity Tennis Team
Die feeling as though I lived my life to the fullest