The Life List of

Daniel Menache



Professional Goals

*  Make a well-anticipated movie

*  Work for a large marketing firm in California

*  Write a novel- meaningful, but exciting


Social Goals

*  See my friends from High School at my wedding

*  Have a girl chase after me for once

*  Find the worst doctor in the world and make fun of whoever has an appointment with him/her the next day


          Learning Goals

*  Graduate from Georgetown or Boston College

*  Receive a Masters in Business from Wharton

*  Learn how to Ski & Ski the Alps

*  Learn how to play Piano

*  Learn how to surf in Hawaii


Traveling Goals

     *       Visit my Dad’s entire family in Tel Aviv

     *       Swim in the Dead Sea completely covered in mud

     *       Stand on the Equator

     *       Visit Every Island in the song “Kokomo” by the Beach Boys

     *       Live on the East Coast

     *       Live in Manhattan

     *       Visit my Family in Italy

     *       Backpack Through Europe with a Europass

     *       Camp out under the Northern Lights

     *       Visit a Concentration Camp

     *       Visit every US State

     *       Stand on top of the Empire State Building & throw a penny

     *       Stand on top of the Freedom Tower

     *       Experience Disney World With my Kids

     *       Visit My Family in Egypt

     *       Safari Through South Africa

     *       Hike Through the Rainforest

     *       Visit Time Square on New Year’s Eve


Miscellaneous Goals

*       Ice Skate At Rockefeller Center in December

*       See Jack’s Mannequin Live & Meet Andrew McMahon after the Show

*       Cry during a Movie

*       Play set for a band

*       Swim with Dolphins

*       Go Whale Watching

*       Jump out of a Plane

*       Have a Movie room in my house devoted to my DVD collection and memorabilia from my favorite movies

*       Capture Every Important Moment & Keep Every Picture

*       Go to an Award Show & go home with one of those gift baskets

*       Own an amazing pool….it needs to be crazy

*       Experience a Hot Air Balloon Ride

*       Be Made fun of by Dane Cook