The Life List of

Jason Meneses


What I want to do in the near future-

- Get my license

- Get my first car

- Graduate top 30 of my class

- Lose 100 lbs

- Get into a prestigious college


What I want to do-

- Apply to Harvard and NYU

- Get accepted into Harvard or NYU

- Graduate Summa Cum Laude from college

- Go to med school

- Become a prestigious plastic surgeon

- Perform my first rhinoplasty

- Perform my first liposuction

- Get my Ph.D. in something

- Get married

- Have a son

- Name my son Jason Armando Uldarico Meneses

- Go to a Washington Nationals game

- Run for class president

- Meet Rod Stewart

- Get a 100 average for an overall average one quarter

- Run 5 miles in 45 minutes

- Win the lottery

- Become a billionaire

- Get a 5 on the United States history AP exam

- Get a 5 on the Spanish AP exam


Where I want to visit


- Italy

- Greece

- Egypt

- Hawaii

- London

- Peru- Machu Picchu

- Go back to California in the summer

- St. Peters Basilica in Rome

- Australia

- Take a month long cruise that sails to all the Virgin Islands


What I want to Learn-

- Learn to speak Spanish fluently

- Learn to speak Italian

- Learn to speak French

- Learn to ballroom dance


What I want to Have/Own -

- Three houses in Silver Lake

- Over 100 pairs of shoes

- Have my own plastic surgery practice

- Own two Ferraris, one red, one yellow

- Own five English Bulldogs

- A private Jet

- Own a rare piece of art worth millions of dollars