The Life List of

Alex Moreno



        Go up the Nile River

        See the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

        Travel Eastern and Western Europe

        See the ruins of Ancient Rome

        See the ruins of Ancient Greece

        Sail on the Med. Sea

        Go sightseeing in London

        Go on the Amazon River

        Explore a Rainforest

        See the pyramids of Giza

        See the Leaning Tower of Pisa

        Take a Gondola ride in Venice

        Visit the Great Wall of China

        Set foot above the Arctic Circle

        Go to the Galapagos Islands

        See Easter Island

        See the Northern Lights


Career Goals/Sports Goals

        Pass the B.A.R. exam

        Act in a major motion picture

        Be recognizable on T.V.

        Meet Bill Gates.

        Open and Own a Restaurant

        Play a round of golf with Tiger Woods

        Have a football catch with Tom Brady

        Have a baseball catch with Pedro Martinez

        Shake hands with the President of the United States

        Go to a Game 7 in the World Series

        Go to a Game 7 in the NBA Finals

        Attend the Super Bowl Live

        Play a round of golf at Augusta National 


Education Goals

        Get into my first choice college

        Go to college in a different part of the country

        Get into Graduate School

        Get a masters degree


Family Goals

        Get Married

        Have Children

        Have Grandchildren

        Never get divorced

        Live past 100 healthy

        Support my family

        Have no regrets, and remain happy and keep those around me happy