The Life List of

Brittany Neider

        Graduate High School with good grades

        Get accepted to the college of my dreams

        Get a scholarship to that college

        Find a major that I am interested in

        Become a counselor or physical therapist

        Get married to someone smart, successful, and funny

        Have two kids (one boy, then one girl)

Places to visit







        An Indian Reservation

        All 50 states


        Run at least a 61 in the 400 meter

        Run at least a 27 in the 200 meter

        NEVER run more than a 600 meter race

        Break a few school records

        Go to nationals for track

        Go to states for track

        Receive a part track scholarship

        Coach my kidís baseball/softball teams


        Become close friends with a celebrity

        Produce and edit news reports (at least once)

        Get laser eye surgery so I donít need contacts/glasses anymore

        Own an expensive car, a Porsche or Ferrari

        Spend a summer at a Dude Ranch

        Learn to play the Piano

        Learn to play the guitar (attempt number 2!)

        Live close to 90 yrs old (it runs in my family!)

        Learn to ride a horse very well

        Live in the house I grew up in with my own family

        Have some of my writing published

        Live in another country for at least a month

        Change someoneís life forever

        Never lose contact with my high school friends

        Always remember that my past is what made me who I am today and who I will be tomorrow.

        Be grateful for everything