The Life List of

Dominique Sepe


        travel out of the country

        tour Europe

        go to college

        get married

        have children

        go to prom

        go ice skating at Rockefeller Center

        see the Eiffel Tower

        go to Australia

        go on a cruise to a Caribbean island

        go scuba diving

        buy a house

        get my driverís license

        get a car

        learn how to ballroom dance

        go to a masquerade ball

        live in a log cabin

        buy a beach house

        be able to do a split

        go to Niagara Falls

        drive cross country with friends

        go to the Grand Canyon

        drink water out of a natural spring on a mountain

        go to Creation

        learn how to surf

        swim a mile

        go on a missions trip out of this country

        go camping

        get a dog

        go on a jet ski