The Life List of

Jamie Turitz



        Travel to all 50 states

        Spend at least a month in Europe

        Visit 6 or 7 of the continents

        Swim in all four oceans

        Plant a tree in Israel for my family

        Take a road trip to Florida with just my friends



        Graduate high school with honors

        Get a 5 on the psychology AP

        Attend a good college

        Do a semester abroad

        Obtain my MBA

        Become successful in business, specifically finance

        Learn a foreign language

        Figure out the stock market


Adult Life

        Spend my 21st birthday in Las Vegas, gambling

        Have a time share in either Hawaii or the Bahamas

        Get married

        Live in New York City for only about a year or two

        Start a family and have children before 30

        Maintain a relationship with my younger brother

        Live to be a grandparent

        Be able to live in Westchester when I am older

        Have a walk in clothes with hundreds of bags and shoes

        Invent something people will use, however stupid it may be

        Have a boat

        Be able to buy my parents a car, or a house, or something real nice and expensive they want or need



        Go scuba diving

        Eat shark

        See a shooting star

        Stand on the pitchers mound at Yankee Stadium

        Find a four leaf clover

        Learn how to ski

        See a penguin in person