The Life List of

Michael Vicars

  Get my license
Go to college
Graduate college
Buy a house
Find Bigfoot
Eat a dollar
Travel on a plane
Go to Jamaica
Get a car
Crash a car
Legalize it
Own a urinal
Invent something
Have my own shooting range
Learn to weld
Shoot a cannon
Drop something heavy off something tall
Eat a whole pizza
Go to a gay bar
Buy a DeLorean
Cut down a tree
See a ghost
Get a job
Find God
See Stonehenge
See Easter Island
Catch a shark
Fire a 500 Magnum
Find out what happened at Roswell
Find out who really killed Kennedy
Help someone other than myself
Finish Silent Hill 3
Wonder the desert for 40 minutes
Wear leather chaps
Move to Alaska
See the scariest movie ever
Have astro-turf in my house
Make gunpowder
Read the dictionary
Make a cartoon
Discover the Brown Note
Find out every name in “the book”
Paint a house
Live in the woods for a week
Bulldoze a house
Save the wales
Break someone out of rehab
Find love
Get married
Find out what I want to do with my life
Do whatever it is
Find the meaning of life
Die with no regrets