The Life List of

Zach Brunner


        Have fun in College

        Tell this girl how much I love her

        Marry that girl

        Have four kids with that girl

        Never run another Cross Country or Track and Field Race in my life

        Be invited to the Oscars for one of my movies

        Win an Oscar for Best Director and Best Picture

        Make as many good-quality films as possible

        Want to have a family reunion before most of the family dies

        Go backpacking through the wilderness

        Take a tour through New Zealand and see all the locations where they filmed Lord of the Rings

        Direct a movie alongside Peter Jackson and Quentin Tarantino

        Direct a movie starring Elijah Wood, Uma Thurman, Keira Knightly, Angelina Jolie,
Jennifer Garner, Orlando Bloom, Ian McKellen, and Samuel L. jackson

        Eat at least one main dish from every country

        Perform movie stunts

        Act in an action movie

        Play piano without messing up in a concert hall

        Learn to play the violin

        Sing in Church

        Compose my own orchestral soundtrack

        Buy our vacation house to live in when i retire in Ocean Park, Maine

        Be a good father, husband, and friend

        Be remembered by the world for my movies

        Want to have a great relationship with my parents, grandparents, and relatives while i still can

        Live every day as if it is my last

        I want to enjoy life and glorify God in everything I do

        Go to Heaven