The Life List of

DJ Franze

  • Get into college
  • Live in the city after college
  • Get tickets and go to the 2006 world series (even though the Yankees are done for this year)
  • Start up a few restaurants
  • Win the Lottery/ Stumble upon a million dollars
  • Possibly work for the F.B.I.
  • Get my pilots license and learn how to fly a plane in one day
  • Live in Italy
  • Live in California during the summer
  • Visit Egypt
  • Go on vacation to Bermuda
  • Figure out how to travel back in time and travel back in time to the 20’s for no reason
  • Have a pet penguin
  • Learn how to snowboard
  • Own my own island
  • Build my own playboy mansion
  • Watch all 3 Godfathers in one day
  • Go to a Giants game