The Life List of

Joey Hines


        Learn To juggle

        Have a Successful band

        Learn to take a Good Picture

        Travel across the country

        Own a motorcycle

        Turn down an ivy league school

        Get a 4 or 5 on any AP

        Go pool hopping

        Do a handstand

        Get a 07 mustang

        Finish hiking the Appalachian trail

        Cook something that tastes good

        Get a job

        Be on a phone tap

        Get a tattoo

        Be able to run fast enough away from my dad when he sees the tattoo

        Do to a rainforest

        Drive a boat

        See a buffo

        Find another Joe Hines

        Own a third world country

        Hitch hike

        Be on TV (other then News 12)

        Eat turkey in turkey

        Ride a camel across the desert

        Remember to watch lost

        Sleep in an airport

        Do a back flip standing up

        Climb up the stairs of the empire state building

        See an actual dinosaur

        Go to Japan

        Invent a sport I can actually play

        Climb Everest

        Have a family

        Write and play an acoustic song

        Go to Australia

        Ride a quad in the back of a pick up truck

        Go kite surfing

        Go into space

        Go scuba diving

        Be on varsity bowling

        Make someone smile

        Have a successful life that completes most of this list