The Life List of

Nicole Hoff


 Visit Greece
Visit New Zealand
Visit Australia
Attend a good college
Graduate college with a degree
Get a medical degree
Live in California for over a year
Get married
Have children
Work in a medical field
Save a life
Win a pie eating contest
Get a tattoo
Ride a mechanical bull
Steal a street sign
Conquer my fear of heights & rollarcoasters
Go sky diving
Have/own a pet penguin or monkey
Learn to speak fluent German
Catch a fish
Make a pizza in a pizzeria
Eat the candy inside Willy Wonka's chocolate factory
Go on a ferris wheel
Drive/go cross country
Dye my hair a different color
Invent my own ice cream flavor
Live in another country/Study abroad
Read every book that has ever interested me
Stop biting my nails