The Life List of

Celeste Hofland

  1. Visit Norway and Greece
2. Visit all 50 states
3. Own a boat so I can water-ski whenever I want to
4. Become really great at water skiing slalom
5. Get an Audi TT or a Smart car
6. Spend time helping people in an undeveloped country(s)
7. Have my art work shown in MOMA
8. Get married
9. Have 3 children
10. Have one set of twins
11. Adopt a child
12. Own a Yorkshire terrier
13. Live in an exotic place
14. Meet Ellen DeGeneres
15. Get a 5 on an AP exam
16. Get High Honor Roll all 4 years of High School
17. Get into my first choice college
18. Visit all 7 continents
19. Save someone’s life
20. Donate lots of money to charities
21. Make a charity to help people
22. Go to my 25th high school reunion
23. Be a better daughter
24. Go to a comedy club
25. Stand on the equator
26. Sleep for 24 hours straight
27. Fall in love with “the one”
28. Be healthy
29. Own my own vegetarian restaurant
30. Stay in touch with friends for my whole life
31. Put together a 18000 piece jigsaw puzzle
32. Be a vegan for a year
33. Win every mini game in a 60 turn Mario party (playing against 3 “hard” computer players)
34. Donate my hair to locks of love
35. Do something life-changing for myself
36. Go bungee jumping
37. Go sky-diving
38. Own a light purple car
39. Buy a big Kate Spade bag
40. Climb a palm tree and pick coconuts