The Life List of

David Koller


        Get a 5 on all my APís this year.

        Visit the moon.

        Get into a respectable university.

        Have backstage passes to a concert.

        Make a million dollars.

        Break a world record.

        Become king of the world.

        Moon the president.

        Perform onstage.

        Get married.

        Have kids.

        Fly a plane.


        Hang glide.

        Win the lottery.

        Save someoneís life.

        Serve my country without going to war.

        Maintain all my friendships.

        Make the bowling team.

        Write a book.

        Run for a political office.

        Own a restaurant.

        Wrangle a crocodile.

        Write a hit song.

        Get organized.

        Have grandchildren.

        Be in the newspaper.

        March in a DCI drum corp.

        Stay in shape.

        Take over the world.