The Life List of

Tony Lattarulo

  Join the army,
Be an army ranger,
Go to Africa,
Bungee jump,
Learn to fly,
Get super powers,
Have a famous band,
Be filthy rich,
Win the lotto,
Get married,
Have kids,
Become a Jedi,
Take a trip around the world,
Become a great songwriter,
Become a great guitarist,
Become a great bassist,
Race Cars,
Own a Cruse Boat,
Own a plane,
Eat at Buffalo Wild Wings,
Bowl a 300,
Become a good lacrosse player,
Learn to cook,
Make more star wars movies with George Lucas,
Watch many comedians,
Become a teacher,
Watch the Mets wins a few World Series,
Own very nice guitars,
Have a really nice car,
Sick with my friends,
Make new friends in college or army,
Go to college,
Have a happy life,
Die in my sleep with no pain,
Have a hot house keeper