The Life List of

Kelly Lavin


        Get married

        Stay married

        Have at least 4 kids

        Live in Greenwich

        Buy a summer house in another country

        Go to Australia

        Go to Greece

        Walk the red carpet at an award show

        Date someone famous

        Be in a movie

        Open a chain of nightclubs

        Plan someone's wedding

        Plan my own wedding

        Wear a dress to school

        Start my own business

        Take over my father's law firm

        Drive an expensive car

        Learn how to apply makeup from a professional

        Go on a diet and stick to it for over a month

        Work out every other day for a year

        Design a clothes line

        Write a song

        Be on a football team

        Go to a University of Texas football game

        Take my daughter shopping

        Drop my son/daughter off at preschool

        Then go grocery shopping or to a yoga class

        Learn how to play poker

        Win over $1000 gambling in Las Vegas

        Go to college in Boston

        Meet Clay Aiken

        Star in a broadway show

        Be a regular character on a famous TV show

        Be on a reality show

        Be in a music video

        Be in an ad for a magazine

        Be in the audience on Jerry Springer

        Jump off the balcony from upstairs over my family room onto the couch

        Go in a hot air balloon

        Have a guy plan the most romantic Valentines Day ever for me

        Save someone's life

        Own a yacht

        Hold a baby tiger

        Have a pet monkey

        Beat someone up

        Find the perfect pair of jeans

        Go on a shopping spree and get everything for free

        Sleep on my trampoline

        Build a tree house