The Life List of

Paola Mejia


         Bungee Jumping

         Go to Paris

         Become a doctor

         Dye my hair blue

         go skydiving

         Get my lip pierced

         Make a music video

         Meet Leonardo Di'caprio

         Meet Rakim y Ken Y

         Go on a Helicopter around the city

         Buy a house next to the beach

         Go on a safari in Africa

         Have a baby Lion as a pet

         Go to the rain forest

         Date someone with an english accent

         Fall in love

         Get married

         Have two kids, a boy and a girl

         Ride a camel

         Learn how to ride a horse

         Swim in the Ocean and see all kinds of fish

         See a whale in person

         Be in the cover of a magazine

         Be able to perform a surgery on someone

         Learn how to dance Salsa, Very good

         Be able to work out everyday

         Weight 115lbs

         walk across the longest bridge in the world

         Go to every continent

         Learn how to speak and write  French

         go to see the soccer world cup

         Drive a motorcycle and own one

         Get into a good college

         Graduate from college

         Meet the president

         go on a cruise

         Learn how to play the piano

         Go paintballing

         Live in a island