The Life List of

Elizabeth O'Driscoll


-  Meet Robin Williams
-  Get a
-  Get a 4 on the
A.P Psychology Exam
-  Go
-  Go to University College Dublin in Ireland
-  See Ireland win the world cup
-  See America with a new president
-  Beat my dad in a marathon
-  Beat my dad in the mile
-  Marry a man with an accent
-  Learn Arabic
-  Become a Journalist for
BBC and be based near turmoil
-  Have 5 children
  -  4 boys
  -  1 Girl
-  Donate a kidney
-  Own a yacht
-  Own a house in San Sebastien
-  Be in a movie
-  Get my own island
-  Begin a charity for children in need of health insurance
-  Write a book
-  Save a life
-  Get a guest role on Law and Order:
-  Be financially comfortable all my life
-  Start believing in God
-  Own one of the big dogs from F.A.O Shwartz
-  Adopt 4 puppies at once from the pound
-  Try on a Burka
-  Go to Hogwarts
-  Marry Harry Potter
-  Live in Battery Park City, Manhattan
-  Try not talking for a whole day
-  Stay involved with my family forever
-  Have sex with a stranger in an elevator
-  Have an unlimited supply of chocolate
-  Start a female Rugby team
-  Be on a reality TV series but having my parents not be able to watch it