The Life List of

Adam Orfei



- All-league in XC

- Win leagues in XC

- Go to states for XC

- Set Harrison School Records for…

1. 600m/y

2. 800m

3. 1000m/y

4. Re-set my 1200m record

5. All relays

- Get All-league in 3 events during Winter Track (600m, 1000m, 4x400m)

- Go to states for the 600m, 1000m and 4x400m relay for Winter Track

- Get All-league in 3 events during Spring Track (800m, 4x400m, anything else)

- Win Leagues, Counties and Class for Winter Track

- Win Leagues, Counties and Class for Spring Track

- Go to states for the 800m and 4x400m relay for Spring Track

- Run in college, and try to be the best I can be

- Get a scholarship for track & XC



- Get married and enjoy it

- Have kids

- Father a boy

- Father a girl

- Be a grandfather

- Teach my kids

- Watch my kids grow up



- Get a B.S.

- Get a M.S.

- Go to a good business school

- Major in Accounting or be a Math Teacher

- Start my own business

- Make a lot of money



- Visit

          1. Ireland

          2. Italy

          3. Most of the Caribbean Islands

          4. England

          5. Scotland

          6. Germany

          7. Australia

          8. Las Vegas

- Go to every state along the Atlantic coast


Other Goals:

- Start my own business

- Run in the New York City marathon

- Compete in a Triathlon

- Belong to a country club

- Be set for life, and my kids

- Go to all Baseball parks

- Dunk a basketball

- Spend 21’s birthday in Las Vegas

- Have a really expensive, fast car

- Go scuba diving

- Learn to Snowboard

- Find a Four-leafed clover


- Make my son a MET fan

- Be at opening day of the new Mets stadium

- Enjoy my life