The Life List of

Allie Prieston


Pass all my classes with an 80 or higher


Continue making honor roll through out all of high school


Graduate High School


Rent a summer house with my friends


Work at the Westchester Country Club over the summer


Date a polo player/swimmer


Go to at least 5 Dave Matthews Band Concerts


Meet Dave Matthews


Get into a 4 year college and graduate


Be in a photo shoot for seventeen


Take a road trip with my friends


Stay friends with my 4 best friends through out my whole life


Find my husband in college


Marry around 24 or 25


Have 4 children


Not have to work after Iím married


Move back to California after college


Travel all around Europe


Own a boat


Go to a Fashion Show


Have a song written about me


Own a house in the Bahamas or Hawaii


Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary