The Life List of

Morgan Stevens


Graduate High School
Go to a good college and graduate that
Get a business degree
own a restaurant
own a casino hotel
visit Amsterdam
Get a nice Porsche
get married
have kids
Own the Vikings or any other major sports team
Be a billionaire
play in the world series of poker
Become captain of a pirate ship
Buy a nice house
learn to speak Hebrew fluintly
Travel the world
get above a 1300 on the SATS
Eat hubbas, candlelight and walters for 3 meals in a day
have a tiger as a pet
own a yacht
become a grandfather
go in a submarine
play in a world cup final
Go to a superbowl
visit all 50 US states
make the varsity bowling team
Be captain of the JV boys tennis
own a chocolate factory like willy wonkas
Get a 5 on the AP Psychology test
Complete my life list