The Life List of

Sabrina Tharani


get married and be happy with the guy I chose
have a boy first, then whatever.
Graduate high school and get into a college I'm happy with, not one that I settled for.
Get a good, high paying job where I don't have to work a lot of hours.
Live in Montana for a year, and open a Chinese food restaurant there.
Live in Italy for six months
Backpack across Europe
visit every state
take a road trip to California
Bungee jump and maybe go skydiving one day
learn Russian fluently
be on legitimate music videos
interview to be on the Real World
have someone write an acoustic song for me
buy a nice loft in the city
have a pet pig
never loose touch with my girls
meet Oprah
go to a movie premier
plan a surprise party
kiss/date someone famous
stay a vegetarian for two more years
raise $1000+ to donate to aids or cancer research
learn any form of self defense
run at least 5 miles of a marathon
never get fat or chubby
get accepted into a ballet company (preferably in Boston) and tour for a year
fire a gun
audition for American Idol and be on the show as one of the horrible outtakes
smack Lindsey Lohan, Hilary Duff, and Paris Hilton in the face
be an extra in a movie
spend a New Years Eve in Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo
make a new Crayola crayon color
learn to ski
learn to belly dance
learn to surf
marry Tom Brady
get a tattoo of an 'om' on my wrist
be a bartender as a college summer job
laugh everyday