The Life List of

Ulysses Torres


1. I would like to pass all my APís with at least a 4.    

2. I would really like to be first chair in the all-state band.

3. I want to get myself a full scholarship for college.

4. If things go right for me in college, then maybe Iíll have a good, well paying job playing music for a living.

5. After a few years of living on my own, perhaps Iíll look for a girl that Iíd like to marry.

6. I want to know what it feels like to get shot, but survive.

7. I want to know what itís like to be a hero, probably by saving a kidís life or something.

8. If things go really well for me in life, then Iíd like to become president and open the borders to get my family through without getting shot at by some drunken guy with a shotgun.

9. I want to end racism, prejudice, and all forms of discrimination.

10. I want to be able to speak freely and not be afraid about what people think.

11. I want to see Kerry become president.

12. I want to see president Bush impeached.

13. I want to live to the age of a 102.

14. I want to magically invent the cure for AIDS and for the common cold.