The Life List of

Alex Van Tongeren


        Graduate high school

        Go to a college of my choice

        Go sky diving

        Get the audi rs4

        Get married

        Have kids and a family

        Grow long hair

        Fly a jet

        Finish high school wrestling

        Get 20 wins in a wrestling season

        Place in a tournament

        Work as a commodity trader

        Buy a house

        Learn how to drive stick perfectly

        Get a house at hawks nest beach

        Run in a marathon

        Get at least a 4 on the AP

        Drive a Ferrari

        Ski or snowboard in Colorado

        Bench-press 300 pounds

        Go to Holland

        Get my motorcycle licenses

         Buy a motorcycle

        Fly a plane

        Get over a 80 average in math

        Catch a shark fishing

        Get a boat

        Live in the city for at least a year

        Visit all 7 continents

        Go on the rope swing by my house and not hit the water on the way down

        Find someone else in Harrison who is Dutch

        Make a million dollars

        Retire and move to HNB

        Run a mile in under 7 minutes

        Wear flip flops everyday senior year

        Go on a road trip

        Go bungee jumping

        Watch the giants win the super bowl again

        Climb mount Everest and then ski down it

        Go to Hawaii

        Learn how to play the guitar

        Live a fulfilling life

        Finish most of these things on this list