The Life List of

Pamela Yu


         Get a 2000 on the SAT's.

         Get a 4 on at least one AP exam.

         Be senior year class president.

         Raise money for senior prom by November 2007.

         Make honor roll all four quarters.

         Become a better reader.

         Become a faster typist without looking at the keyboard.

         Learn how to play an instrument.

         Learn how to read music.

         Travel through Europe.

         Visit all 50 states.

         Visit the four corner states.

         Go to Australia.

         Visit all seven continents.

         Visit Mount Rushmore.

         Live in California.

         Own multiple homes all over the world.

         Be able to beat the fifty state game.

         Walk on the Great Wall of China.

         Visit the Eiffel Tower.

         Float in the Dead Sea.

         Be in the audience at a runway fashion show.

         See a shooting star.

         Be able to locate the North Star.

         Go to outer space.

         Stop global warming.

         Get married in my twenties and to have all my kids by 32.

         Design a house.

         Own a house with solar panels.

         Make a substantial amount of money so that I can live a life of luxury.

         Go kayaking.

         Become a better swimmer.

         Swim with the dolphins.

         Go on a cruise.

         Go windsurfing.

         Go parasailing.

         Make a substantial contribution to bettering the world.

         Be on TV.

         Create a cookbook.

         Try all of the cheesecakes at The Cheesecake Factory.

         To see Celine Dion in Vegas.

         Enhance my music collection.

         Become a better artist.

         Learn how to not stress over little things.

         See a Spice Girls reunion concert.

         To be able to eat fruits without having an allergic reaction.

         Go hang gliding.

         To be able to go rock climbing on a monthly basis.

         Learn how to match clothes.

         Run a mile under 7 minutes.

         Learn how to pole volt or how to do the hurdles.

         Play another sport.