The Life List of

Lisa Abinakad



       Stay in shape for the rest of my life


       Get a record deal by the time I'm 20


       Be on the Real World


       Learn to play the guitar




       Open a clothing boutique


       Break a 2000 on my SATs


       Study abroad for a semester in Lebanon


       Walk down a red carpet


       Sing the national anthem for a Giants game


       Be the dead corpse for CSI: Miami


       Star in a movie


       Live by the water


       Always eat at least one pickle a day


       Open a restauraunt with my sister


       Visit a hospital and spend my Christmas with young cancer patients


       Be comfortable in my skin


       Attain an internship over the summer with Burke Communications


       Eventually become an event planner as my career


       Donate my hair to Locks of Love


       Go to Africa


       Sponser a child somewhere in the world


       Have my dad walk me down the aisle


       Name my first daughter Stella


       Make my parents proud


       Make a difference


       Fall in love


       Have no limits