The Life List of

Nate Berman     



Live in 15 different countries.
Play in a professional tournament
Make more money than my dad.
Drive a racecar for a day.
Fly a helicopter and plane. (Canít crash)
Go to Mardi gras.
Own the Stanley Cup for a year.
Play and beat Tiger Woods at his own game.
Play on the PGA Tour for at least 1 year.
Live in Japan or Europe for 1 year.
Become a billionaire
Own 3 different cars that are over $100,000
Get a golf scholarship to a Division 1 school.
Go on an African safari.
Wrestle an Alligator and not die.
Climb MT. Everest
Have Big Black as a body guard.
Marry a super model
Win the Masters
Beat my Dad at golf.
Go back to Ireland and Israel.
Apologize to everyone I have lied to.
Go to the World Cup.
Win the Lotto.
Street Race with a Ferrari
Parachute off the Empire State Building
Speak Chinese
Speak Japanese
Speak Spanish
Speak Hebrew
Help save the world
Donate over 50,000 dollars