The Life List of

Julia Brefere


1.) Have my 21st birthday in Vegas
2.) Go skydiving
3.) Own an Audi S5
4.) Take a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower
5.) Stay at the underwater hotel in Dubai
6.) Swim in the dead sea
7.) Go to italy with mom like she did with her mom
8.) I want to get into Fordham and become a Fordham cheerleader
9.) Meet Megan Fox, Shia Lebeuf , Jake Gyllenhal
10.) Get a tattoo at some point in life
11.) Live in Purchase Estates
12.) Learn how to cook (like my parents)
13.) Get a roundoff backhandspring full
14.) Go to Rob Dydrek's Fantasy Factory
15.) Start a very successful business
16.) Party with kaplan
17.) Vacation in Hollywood
18.) Have my own version of "The Hangover"
19.) Visit the pyramids in eygpt
20.) Go to london and touch the guards
21.) Get arrested
22.) Live on Dune Road
23.) See the 7 wonders of the world
24.) Have a 6K diamond wedding ring
25.) Drive a lambo or ferrari
26.) Fly in a helicopter
27.)Learn to surf