The Life List of

Alex Chill   



1. Make a known/significant difference in the world.
2. Walk the red carpet
3. Become friends with someone famous
4. Have a food fight
5. Become fluent in another language
6. Fly a blimp
7. Fly a plane
8. Visit every continent
9. Live in a foreign country
10. Drive a dog sled
11. build/design my perfect home
12. get married
13. have children
14. Visit a country that is not well known
15. Throw the first pitch at a Yankee game
16. Be in a movie (even as an extra)
17. Be on a billboard
18. Break a world record
19. Ride in a submarine
20. Drive a racecar
21. Write a column in a magazine
22. Stand out of the sun roof of a limo in the city
23. cruise on a yacht around the world
24. go skydiving
25. invent something