The Life List of

Adriana DiFazio



Graduate high school with grades I'm proud of.


Get accepted to college.


Study abroad.


Graduate college.


Take a year off after/before college to travel the world.


Go to law school.


Fall in love more than once.


Get married.


Have at least three kids.


Adopt a child.


Be a good mom, sister and daughter.


Be able to give my children the same opportunities I have had and more.


Live in a foreign country for over a year.


Learn to speak a different language fluently.


Read as many books as possible.


Have a library in my house.


Become a master of something.


Decorate my apartment when I'm older so that it looks as if a princess lives in it.


Own a purple car.


Sing jazz professionally.


Run a marathon.


Learn how to swim, well.


Open a bakery specifically for cupcakes.


Be the grandma that sings to her grandchildren and cooks constantly.


Adopt at least two dogs and a cat.


Be a lawyer for an environmental/animal rights organization.


Own a house walking distance from the water.


Learn how to salsa dance.


See a ballet at the Met.


Learn how to paint.


Learn how to really play the piano.


Go skydiving.


Go cliff jumping.


Go hiking and discover a spring.


Get certified for scuba diving.


Explore The Great Barrier Reef in Australia.


Live on a boat for a summer in the Caribbean and spend endless hours swimming and just being a bum soaking up the sun.


Have an aquarium in my house.


Work with dolphins.


Visit a rain forest.


Visit as many museums as possible.


Become really good at kayaking.


Go on a road trip.


Remember all the people I've ever met.


Be the person that people go to for help.


Change someone's life for the better.


Have no regrets.


Live a long, happy and healthy life.