The Life List of

Mariangela Grella



1.  1. Swim with dolphins
2. Learn sign language
3. Learn salsa, tango, fox trot, samba, tarantella, waltz & belly dance
4. Ride in a hot air balloon
5. Visit all of Italy
6. Visit Costa Rica
7. See the Northern Lights
8. Learn brail
9. Discover what makes me truly happy
10. Get married/ Have 2 boys
11. Become a millionaire
12. See a platypus
13. Watch Turtles hatch and run for the ocean
14. Become a photographer
15. Live in a Tuscan house
16. Visit the Playboy mansion
17. Become a spy
18. Skydive
19. Send a message in a bottle
20. Shower in a waterfall
21. Sleep under the stars.
22. Go wild in Rio during Carnival.
23. Learn to bartend
24. Tag the Berlin Wall
25. Play with Wolves
26. Make sure Iím not missing anything on this list
27. Ride a bull
28. Go try and find Santa at the North Pole
29. Have a food fight
30. Blow up something big
31. Dye a poodle pink
32. Pop out of a cake
33. Kiss someone under a mistletoe
34. Break the habit of biting my nails
35. Bungee jump
36. Hunt my own food
37. Save someoneís life
38. Water ski
39. Fly
40. Win a GIANT stuffed animal at an amusement park
41. Go to Disney
42. See a shooting star
43. Ride a gondola in Venice
44. Learn how to sew
45. Make a scrap book
46. get a tattoo
47. Experience the Safari
48. Visit Brazil during Marti Gras
49. Go dog sledding
50. Be in 2 places at once
51. Watch the sunset with someone special
52. Own a penis for a week