The Life List of

Emily Katz   



Go on the Statue of Liberty

Go to Las Vegas and bet 5,000$

Speak Spanish fluently

Win the lottery

Visit Africa, Asia and Europe.

Have my own clothing store.

Want to adopt 2 dogs.

Have 3 children.

Be on Broadway at some point or become famous obviously!

Have me model on a billboard in New York City.

Have my children be valedictorian.

Fall DEEPLY in love.

Go to the set of CSI TV Show.

Meet cast of Gossip Girl.

Write an autobiography.

Get into at least one catfight and win!

Have my fortune told at a real fortuneteller.

See a psychiatrist at one point and read inkblots or sit in the
therapist chair.

Own a pair of Christian Louboutins.

Do the New York Times crossword puzzle.

To kiss under the mistletoe.

Go to a Gay Wedding.

See a Broadway show every night for a month.

Build a life size snowman.

Visit New Zealand.

Go on a cruise.