The Life List of

Micaela Martinez



Get marry by 25


Have my own pet dog and name it Chuchi


Go to Europe


Have lunch with Synyster Gates


Go sky-diving


Get a tattoo of an elephant in my neck


Get into a good college


Graduate from HHS


Grow my hair to my hips


Eat a guinea pig


Throw a TV off my window


Learn how to play the ukulele


Meet one Meerkat from "Meerkat Manor" in Animal Planet


Go to Africa or any poor country and feed the needy


Move to Vermont (the party state)


Get a Monroe


Live in the city for 2 weeks


Take a road trip to Ohio


Go to Argentina


Steal a penguin


Have a baby! (when im old enough)


Fall in love


Learn to like Sushi


Date a person with a British accent


Be a Psychologist 


Go scuba diving


Ride a camel


Ride a hot air balloon


Create my own website


Host a family reunion 


Learn to belly dance


Visit the Holy Land


See the rain forest


Get an 80's Volkswagen van