The Life List of

Brendan O'Shea


1                        Win a section 1 championship

                        Become the schools all-time leading scorer in basketball

                        Play Division I basketball, go to the NCAA tournament and upset a big school in the first round

                        Go to, and graduate, college

                        Go thru a drive thru, on foot

                        See the Mets in the World Series

                        Get in a car chase and not get in trouble

                        Be in a movie

                        Spend a night on a boat (not a cruise or yacht)

                        Go motocrossing

                        Go paintballing

                        Go fencing

                        Play a role similar to Keanu Reeves in Point Break

                        Go sledding in the middle of a street

                        Go to a Duke vs UNC game at UNC, sitting in the student section no matter how old I am

                        Table top somebody down a mountain

                        Have a son and make him become a world class athelete

                        Open a business

                        Smoke a cuban cigar (when of age)

                        Play Kobe Bryant 1 on 1

                        Jump off an olympic size diving board into a pool

                        Blow an air horn in the woods at a golf course

                        Learn how to ride a Unicycle

                        Be in a photoshoot

                        Go to the NCAA Final Four

                        Go to the BCS National Championship

                        Go to the Super Bowl

                        Be in a street gang for a week

                        Buy an exotic car over the age of 70

                        Go to the World Series of Poker

                        Remain close to my friends

                        Witness the Harrison football team beat Rye

                        Actually work out this summer

                        Be on SportsCenter

                        Dunk a Basketball

                        Have sex with a celebrity