The Life List of

Tommy Park



       Go To: Amsterdam, Africa, Japan, California


       Bungee Jump

       Climb a mountain

       Go to rap concerts of  Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, AZ, Eminem, Asher Roth, Kid Cudi, Outkast, and Gang Starr

       Go to a rave/Tiesto concert

       Get tattoos

       Go to a good college

       Break the school's Long Jump record

       Build a muscle car from scratch

       Buy a house for my parents

       Own my house for myself

       Live in NYC for a couple of years

       Live in Cali for a couple of years

       Own a Wrangler

       Keep in touch with my best friends

       Be a good parent

       Own a yellow labrador retriever

       Fight competitively

       Almost fight Kimbo Slice

       Serve in the Army for 4 years

       Take an oo-wop to the face

       Have a magical experience

       Smoke peyote

       Acquire nirvana

       Stay out of debt

       Never be depressed

       Poop on a golden toilet

       Learn how to play piano

       Enjoy my life

       Have a ridiculous epiphany

       Be with my girlfriend Alix for as long as possible/keep her happy