The Life List of

Nicky Pyle


Invent a new word


Steal something valuable


Hunt a deer


Use the deer hunting skills to hunt more dangerous prey


Be in a movie, in the background


Convince Krispy Kreme to open a store in Westchester


Do the same for flaming hot cheetos


Be a food taster, video game tester, and a movie critic at some point


Apply for a job and actually get a response


Apply to college but don’t get rejected this time


Learn to dance


Build a raft (completed)


Sail the raft across the English Channel (Yet to be completed)


Escape the Authorities


Be “The Man”


Stick it to “The Man”


Witness Dr. Ruck kill a man with his bare hands          


Write some quality poetry


Get Rich


Or Die Trying


Once I’m hopefully rich, and not dead, get an exact replica of Neil Peart’s drumset


Torch my old car

Buy a nicer car to replace an old car, and keep it safe from pyro’s in my garage


Have dinner with Mr. Cole


Have dinner with Mr. McRae


Invest money into the development of real life pokemon


Research and develop the first seedless pomegranate