The Life List of

Lindsey Tannenbaum

1. Be an extra in a movie
2. Own a yacht
3. Start my own graphic design company
4. Go parasailing
5. Be in a fashion show
6. Visit the Eiffel Tower
7. Attend fashion week at Bryant Park
8. Be friends with someone famous
9. Snowboard in the Alps
10. Learn to play guitar
11. Be on a design competition TV show
12. Have a family
13. Live in NYC
14. Win a prestigious award
15. Be on a billboard
16. Attend the college of my choice
17. Raid Carrie Bradshaw's closet
18. Own two Yorkie puppies
19. Donate a large sum of money to charity
20. Build a planetarium in my house
21. Invent a new nail polish color that everyone wears
22. Swim in the dead sea
23. Go scuba diving
24. Meet Taylor Swift
25. Be a member in the audience at Saturday Night Live