The Life List of

Zach Butler



         Remain in a optimistic state of mind

         Promote kindness

         Create an indie game, attain some popularity

         Fly in a wing suit

         Break my caffeine addiction

         Have at least some wealth

         Not conform to society

         Be recognized nationally or at least state wide for some achievement

         Still have an interest in videogames after retirement; pwn noobs.

         Own a small designing company

         Further my hobby of paper crafts

         live in the present, stop thinking about the future

         Place first in a videogame tournament

         Be happily married

         Practice parkour in college, make internet videos

         Play awesome pranks on college friends, make internet videos

         own one exotic pet, make internet videos

         Stay in shape

         Travel somewhere out-of-country

         Keep the family cottage in good shape

         Remain fully conscious of my karma

         Practice lucid dreaming, attain lucidity.

         If space travel becomes more commercial, visit another planet

         Get laser eye surgery

         Catch a fish larger than myself

         Learn from all my mistakes, so they are never repeated

         Keep at least one friend from my elementary school days through my life