The Life List of

Michael Chen



Things to do:

Create a museum of video games
-Nintendo Area-
-Collector's Edition section
-Collector's items section
-Club Nintendo room
-NES room
-SNES room
-N64 room
-Gamecube room
-Wii room
-Gameboy Color room
-Gameboy Advance/SP/Micro room
-Nintendo DS/DS Lite/DSXL/3DS room
*bookshelfs of video games of each console in every room with sofa's and gaming chairs for every occasion
-Sony Area-
-Collector's Edition section
-Collector's items section
-PS room
-PS2 room
-PS3 room
-PSP/PSP Go/PSP Phone room
*bookshelfs of video games of each console in every room with sofa's and gaming chairs for every occasion

At least meet Ellen Page, Hayden Panettiere, and Ke$ha and perhaps go to dinner with them and do something they like together (and hopefully marry one of them)
Become fluent in French and a Nordic language
Relearn how to read and write Chinese (not just speak and understand it)
Visit Australia and hopefully play in Australian Open, if not, at least be a ball boy
Visit England and hopefully play in Wimbledon, if not, at least be a ball boy
Visit France and hopefully play in French Open, if not, at least be a ball boy
Play in U.S Open, not just be a ball boy
Relearn how to play the alto saxophone
Actually learn to play the piano, not just a few songs and melodies
Take a stab at professional gaming
Take a stab at professional tennis, if not, at least college level tennis
Visit my old homes in Georgia and South Carolina, in particular Peach Tree City, GA and Myrtle Beach, SC
Run many businesses, including sports/tennis club and restaurant
Give monetary donations to strangers on Christmas, make peoples' lives happier (or at least more enjoyable)
Visit all 50 states and go on a cross country drive (so far, I've only been to the states on the East Coast minus Maine and Vermont)
Get into Ivy League School and major in business
Own a Benz and Audi
Own a house in various locations (so far, I have these locations planned: an island, a wooded estate, and some apartment in the city)
Own a private plane and learn to fly / pilot
Learn to ski
Learn to snowboard
Go canoeing and kayaking
Build my very own powerhouse gaming computer and have a library of PC games stored in it
Donate money to various athletes who require financial aid (sponsor an athlete)
Give back to parents and give thanks to everyone around me
Raise children smarter than me, to be kind and have insight, to be sincere and thoughtful
Adopt a child from Nordic country and treat him/her as my own
Take my wife's last name
Visit the Nordic countries (Netherlands in particular)
Play tennis with Roger Federer
Visit Japan and this time meet the Sony and Nintendo executives
Visit Canada and Montreal in particular every year as a continued tradition for the rest of my life
Have my name written down in history books, to be remembered
Build an arcade room, with slot machines, pinball machines, foosball tables, ping pong tables, air hockey, and classic gaming machines like Pac-Man and Street Fighter
Serve in a soup kitchen
See friends when I'm older
Own tennis club / own private indoor tennis courts
Walk on the red carpet
Star in a movie with Ellen Page, Will Smith, or Hayden Panettiere
Eat gourmet food from all over the world
Visit China again and this time eat spicy foods until my stomach bursts with flavor
Have 20/20 vision again, maybe even hawk eye vision
Take care of my wife and kids
Hopefully have an intelligent wife that shares an interest in gaming
Write a book, or a series of short stores, become writer and publish something
Do a hand stand / walk on hands
Own a house surrounded by woods, with lake/sea/ocean nearby for a relaxing break from work and life
Learn to use bow and arrow
Learn to light a fire without lighter / matches
Develop a video game
Donate money to Indie Game developers
Learn to drive shift
Spend time with my wife and kids
Don't spoil my kids
Pay for random peoples' vacations
Pay for the next person in line in a toll booth
Break a world record
Have a pet dog
Have a pet cat
Have the job of squeezing Katy Perry's boobs

Futuristic goals
Build / Own a Portal gun
Own hoverboard
Jet pack around town
Splice my genes to grow a tail or to grow wings

The fun? It hasn't even begun... :D